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ontd_kol's Journal

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To discuss Kings of Leon and related info with no censorship.
Hello from ONTD_KOL. We are a group of KOL fans from the mother-ship known as ONTD, a pretty awesome gossip blog site that never holds back on the snark or punches. What does that have to do with being a KOL fan? We have that basic attitude here, so it means this community is pretty much full of win and lolz. Full of awesome bbs who can both appreciate and understand what it means to be a KOL fan, while still being objective about their music.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do encourage as many memes, gifs, pics, and tidbits of gossip as possible. This community appreciates you for the awesome and unique snow flake that you are; therefore we don’t moderate too heavily. It’s all about being able to express yourself. Be warned, if you are ultra-sensitive, get offended easily, or just generally lack a sense of humor, maybe ONTD_KOL isn’t the best fan site for you.

That being said, welcome! Come join in on the fun, grab a beer from Drunk Ballsy Bitch, maybe some wine from The Classy Motherfucker if it’s more your style, a hit off of Nathan’s bong if you are so inclined, and remember to salute El Presidente!

Membership is currently being monitored. We are using the same criteria for membership that ONTD uses. Just to reiterate though, if you are rejected membership it is because:

- Your journal is new. If your journal was made in the past week or so, we're probably not going to let you in at this time. We don't care if you switched journals or were a member before. We don't.

- Your user info is too bare. No, this doesn't mean you need to put "_____ is love" banners in your user info. It means you have no friends, belong to no communities. Basically no signs of life.

- You have no stats. 0 posts. 0 comments posted. 0 comments received.

- Of note! The point of moderated membership is to curb trolls. If you look like a troll, we're probably not going to let you in. This can be a combination of the stuff above or other matters.

-ONTD rules we also abide by and are APPLICABLE HERE

In order to keep posts open to all members there are a couple of rules that we need to follow.
1) Please have a SOURCE for articles/news/etc. A source is a direct link to the video, article, picture, media, etc.
2) Please use CUTS for long articles or any post with a lot of pictures. A cut is a way to hide the larger part of the text until clicking on the specific entry.
3) Please keep the post to Kings of Leon and Kings of Leon related info (we are pretty lax with what "info" applies to, if you catch our drift.) If you are unsure if this applies to your potential post, just go ahead and submit it. If it doesn't fall within the realm of KOL, we will just ask you to delete it afterwords.
****If unaware of how to make cuts or sources, please look to the mother ship for info: by clicking here***

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